Chemical & Physical Weed Control

Weeds affect many differing areas of grassland, woodland and waterways. Each setting is unique in regards to which "weeds" are unwanted. Whether they present a risk to animals, such as Ragwort, out-compete other more desirable species or cause a nuisance to human occupants such as stinging nettles and Willowherb.

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Chemical Weed Treatment

Weeds can be dealt with in various ways depending on the location, extent, species and of course the desired result. The most popular and typically the most effective treatment is chemical spraying using a Glyphosate based solution. NatureScape Projects weed control team are fully licensed and qualified to undertake these treatments effectively and safely.

Chemical weed treatments are generally used on commercial sites, however, they are also available on domestic properties for gardens, patios and driveways.

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Physical Weed Treatment

Physically removing weeds is sometimes necessary where weeds are causing an obstruction. Hand pulling is can be effective for certain species however use of a brush cutter or similar equipment is typically more cost effective.

NatureScape Projects provide removal of weeds and clearance of overgrown areas in all types of habitats, no matter how dense or rural.